Low and Slow Mastery Course

Make Better Barbecue

Ready to create the best barbecue you have ever made?


Great barbecue starts with choosing the right cut of meat for low and slow cooking.

Learn how to choose the best meat, to get great results and never ruin another expensive cut of meat ever again!


I give you my rubs, my sauces, my marinades and my brines, as well as how to use them and make your barbecue more tender than a mothers love!


The best Barbecuers know that recipes will only you get you so far.

Incredible barbecue is a product of time, experience, trial and error. This course allows you to skip that learning curve and start producing delicious, juicy and drool worthy barbecue right away.

What's included in this course?

Ten In-depth Modules!

Learn about ten of the most popular and rewarding proteins to smoke including:
•  Texas style Brisket
•  Burnt Ends
•  Crispy Pork Belly
•  Pork Ribs
•  Beef Ribs
•  Reverse Seared Steak
•  Pulled Pork
•  Spatchcock Chicken
•  Chicken Wings
•  Blazing Salmon

Everything you need to make better Barbecue 

Each protein module, contains all of the recipes, tips, tricks and techniques that you need, in order to make juicy, succulent and crave worthy barbecue yourself. This includes how to select the right joints of meat, how to trim, how to season, how to smoke and how to rest and slice. Plus, find in-depth tutorials and how-tos on all of your favorite recipes from howlowcanyouslow.com!

Be the one that your friends are talking about around the water cooler on Monday!

Jared Pullman

Having been involved in the Australian Barbecue community for many years, Jared has helped hundreds of people to improve their low and slow barbecue skills and create better barbecue.

As a passionate low and slow pitmaster, Jared shares his enthusiasm, recipes and knowledge with backyard barbecuers across the globe.

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