"Low and Slow" Pulled Pork Course:
I like PIG butts and I cannot lie.


• Elements of Pulled Pork
Understanding what pulled pork tastes, feels and looks like is critical 
for getting a good result. This module shows you exactly how to make it happen. 

• Selecting the Pork  

Separate your pork butts from your pork rumps.  

• Trimming Pork Butt  

Don’t let the Kardashians fool you, sometimes a butt needs trimming down.
In this module, we talk how to trim your butt without diet and exercise.  

• Seasoning Pork Butt  

Because every butt needs a good rub. In this section you’ll learn how to get the most flavorful pork butt imaginable.
• Smoking Pork Butt  

Pork butts smoke for a long time, so you need to know how to handle that extended cook time. 
This module will make you a master.
• Pulled Pork- The Payoff  

Rest, pull and serve. This module shares all the best parts of the pulled pork process, 
so that you’ll be making your family and friends happy in no time! 

• Pulled Pork Recipe

I give you all of my best, tried and true recipes including my pork brine, pork rub and pulled pork sauce.

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Jared Pullman

Having been involved in the Australian Barbecue community for many years, Jared has helped hundreds of people to improve their low and slow barbecue skills and create better barbecue.

As a passionate low and slow pitmaster, Jared shares his enthusiasm, recipes and knowledge with backyard barbecuers across the globe.

When I was a beginner to bbq and smoking, Jared and his book gave me super helpful advice that made cooking good bbq easy. His course is full of info and tips to make anyone's bbq better, beginner or advanced.

I've been smoking meat for a couple of years now and he's still helping me.

Jesse P

When I purchased a new smoker, I became overwhelmed at the amount of differing opinions online. I was simply searching for the best method to use to make Jerky.

 This is why I turned to Jared for guidance, and this guy sure knows his stuff. The Jerky I smoked was some of the best I've ever tasted, and I'd made it myself at home over some hot coals!

Nathan H

Regular: $97
Today's Special: $27