"Low and Slow" Pork Ribs Course

Get Ready to Rise and Swine

Ever wondered how the pros make those fall off the bone, juicy and mysteriously tender pork ribs?

How Low Can You Slow introduces the Pork Ribs crash course, covering everything from meat selection, seasoning, smoking settings, and serving your pork ribs. If you are ready to step up your rib game for the next barbecue, it's time to try the "Low and Slow"Pork Ribs Course! 


• Elements of Pork Ribs
• Selecting Pork Ribs
• Trimming Pork Ribs
• Seasoning Pork Ribs
• Smoking Pork Ribs
• Pork Ribs- The Payoff
• Pork Ribs Recipe

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Jared Pullman

Having been involved in the Australian Barbecue community for many years, Jared has helped hundreds of people to improve their low and slow barbecue skills and create better barbecue.

As a passionate low and slow pitmaster, Jared shares his enthusiasm, recipes and knowledge with backyard barbecuers across the globe.