Smoked Chicken Masterclass

Don't Chicken Out!

Chicken comes in all shapes and sizes, that’s why this course comes with both the steps on how to smoke both whole chickens (Spatchcock and halved) as well as how to smoke incredible chicken wings.

Grab both of these courses for the price of one!   


Smoked Chicken Wings Module:

Chicken wing elements - Are you cooking rubbed wings? Glazed wings? Spicy wings?
 Whatever the recipe, you have to know what separates the good from the bad and the ugly.  

Breaking down chicken wings - Breaking down chicken wings into drums and flats is super simple
and is a really inexpensive way to make great smoked wings.  

Selecting chicken wings - Choosing the right piece of meat is the first step in smoking the perfect wing.
In this module, you will learn how to identify which chicken wings to take home and which wings to leave behind.  

Seasoning chicken wings - Whether its for game day, tailgating or just when you are having guests over,
this module will show you exactly how to pack your chicken wings with flavor.  

Smoking chicken wings - This module will take you through how to achieve juicy, tender and
perfectly cooked chicken wings, with just the perfect hit of sweet smoke.  

Chicken Wing recipe - Grab my recipes for chicken wing brine, dry rub and sauce,
which I have been perfecting for years! You will love them.  

Low and Slow Smoked Chicken Module:  

Elements of Whole Chicken - Understanding what incredible smoked chicken looks, tastes and feels like 
is the first step to making it yourself. This module takes you through each element of Incredible smoked chicken.  

Selecting chicken - Unfortunately, not all chickens are created equal. In this module, you will learn how to choose 
the perfect chicken for smoking.   

Seasoning whole chicken - What’s the best flavor profile for your chicken? Sweet? Smokey? Earthy? In this module, 
you will learn how to layer the flavor throughout your smoked chicken.  

Smoking chicken - In this module, the bird hits the grill! Learn how to perfectly smoke chicken that is tender, 
juicy and full of flavor.  

Carving whole chicken - Learn to carve your chicken like a pro, with slices that are more tender than you can imagine.  

Chicken recipes - This course includes several recipes that I use for my own smoked chicken, 
including the brine, dry rub and mopping sauce.

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Jared Pullman

Having been involved in the Australian Barbecue community for many years, Jared has helped hundreds of people to improve their low and slow barbecue skills and create better barbecue.

As a passionate low and slow pitmaster, Jared shares his enthusiasm, recipes and knowledge with backyard barbecuers across the globe.

When I was a beginner to bbq and smoking, Jared and his book gave me super helpful advice that made cooking good bbq easy.

His course is full of info and tips to make anyone's bbq better, beginner or advanced.  I've been smoking meat for a couple of years now and he's still helping me.

Jesse P 

When I purchased a new smoker, I became overwhelmed at the amount of differing opinions online. I was simply searching for the best method to use to make Jerky.  

This is why I turned to Jared for guidance, and this guy sure knows his stuff. The Jerky I smoked was some of the best I've ever tasted, and I'd made it myself at home over some hot coals!

Nathan H.

Regular: $97
Today's Special: $27