"Low and Slow" Brisket Course:
Everything You Need to Know to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

What's included in this course?

• Elements of a Brisket
Understand what separates an incredible brisket, from one that’s just…meh.

• Selecting your Brisket
Not all briskets are created equal! 
Choosing the right brisket can make the difference between success and failure.

• Brisket Trimming
Don’t slave over the smoker for dry or rubbery brisket. 
This module will teach you how to trim like a champion

• Seasoning Brisket
Without the proper seasoning, your brisket is never going to reach legendary status. 
This module will teach you how to give that brisket wings!

• Smoking Brisket
Hot and fast? Low and slow? Brine or spritz? This module has all the answers to keep 
that brisket succulent, juicy and ridiculously tender.

• Resting Brisket
Just like you, after all the hard work, your brisket needs a chance to chill out and relax. This module will show you why this process is so important, as well as help you understand what to do when that brisket is done way before you are ready to eat.

• Slicing Brisket
Don’t let your brisket look like Edward Scissorhands has gone at it. 
Learn to slice your brisket like a pro and let your guests eat with their eyes before they chow down.

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Jared Pullman

Having been involved in the Australian Barbecue community for many years, Jared has helped hundreds of people to improve their low and slow barbecue skills and create better barbecue.

As a passionate low and slow pitmaster, Jared shares his enthusiasm, recipes and knowledge with backyard barbecuers across the globe.

"This saved me so much time!"

Jared helped me to understand how to manage my fuel, work my vents, and maintain temperature consistently in my UDS smoker.

Jesse P,

"A must have for beginners!"

As a new barbecuer, I felt lost with all of the information that I didn't know. This course helped me to understand what I needed to know, so that I could produce some great BBQ!

Ian M,

"Everyone wants me to cook for them!"

Jared helped me through my first few cookes, it turned out... soooooo good!!! 

Mike L,

Regular: $97
Today's Special: $27